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US-2008156061-A1: Method of producing honeycomb structure molding die patent, US-2008164366-A1: Method for Winding a Skein Windable Material onto a Spool patent, US-2008172505-A1: Electronic device, control method, and program product patent, US-2008210361-A1: Method For Production Of A Curved Screen Arrangement For Vehicle patent, US-2008260112-A1: Background Noise Effects patent, US-2008270775-A1: Management of exceptions and hardware interruptions by an exception simulator patent, US-2008287873-A1: Method and apparatus for controlling operation of a syringe patent, US-2008313612-A1: Hysteresis for mixed representation of java bigdecimal objects patent, US-2009030377-A1: Syringe Assembly Including Reuse Prevention Mechanism patent, US-2009033396-A1: setup/hold time control circuit patent, US-2009036482-A1: Imidazopyridine-derivatives as inductible no-synthase inhibitors patent, US-2009052690-A1: Method for Stabilizing an Adaptive Algorithm and Device for Carring Out Said Method patent, US-2009070465-A1: Method and Device for Making Clients Rapidly Access to the Peer-to-Peer Network patent, US-2009079978-A1: Method for detecting molecular analysis light, and apparatus and sample plate for use with the same patent, US-2009102598-A1: Semiconductor memory device with variable resistance element patent, US-2009138585-A1: Method and System for Generating Messages patent, US-2009153098-A1: Battery charger cradle patent, US-2009227259-A1: Method for forming a moving network group in a mobile relay station and mobile multi-hop relay system supporting the same patent, US-2009244550-A1: Method for controlling a machine tool and apparatus therefor patent, US-2009269222-A1: Motor-driven compressor patent, US-2009274764-A1: Hollow Foam Beads for Treatment of Glioblastoma patent, US-2009295625-A1: Method for Optimizing the Operation of an Active Lateral-View Sensor When the Height Above the Surface to be Detected is Variable patent, US-2009305541-A1: Chip card retaining mechanism and printed circuit board module incorporating same patent, US-2009323523-A1: Method and Apparatus for Optimizing Station Data in Mobile Communication Network, and Computer-Readable Storage Medium for Computer Program patent, US-2010024565-A1: Method of considering the dynamic behavior of a movable member of a machine for performing a wheel fatigue test patent, US-2010051150-A1: Bag with a mechanical music device patent, US-2010062868-A1: Amusement attraction patent, US-2010072926-A1: Rotary electric machine control system patent, US-2010086374-A1: Dynamically optimized machine tool having superimposed drive systems patent, US-2010090696-A1: Method, processor, and magnetic resonance apparatus for selective presentation of lung movement patent, US-2010104163-A1: Orientation detection for chest radiographic images patent, US-2003206022-A1: Apparatus for detecting current direction in bridge circuits and method thereof patent, US-2003227189-A1: Convertible Vehicle patent, US-2004022771-A1: Transfer of cells, tissue, and other substances to bone patent, US-2004031317-A1: Tire internal pressure monitor system and ID code registering method in the same patent, US-2004057011-A1: Method of designing ophthalmic lens and ophthalmic lens produced by the method patent, US-2004146387-A1: Lifting apparatus with stabilizer patent, US-2004168329-A1: Shoe pattern design method, shoe pattern design device, foot measurer, and foot positioning device of foot measurer patent, US-2004179894-A1: Cross clamping device patent, US-2004194170-A1: Inbred maize line PH0GC patent, US-2004206215-A1: Screwdriver for high torque situations patent, US-2004208189-A1: Broadcast between subnetworks connected via router patent, US-2004255373-A1: Swimming pool return flow nozzle patent, US-2004260901-A1: Method of data backup in a computer system and a storage system therefor patent, US-2004261567-A1: Heated and cooled steering wheel patent, US-2005020167-A1: Structural fabric and method for production thereof patent, US-2005035354-A1: Light emiting diodes with current spreading layer patent, US-2005047975-A1: UV sterilisation air-flow chamber patent, US-2005048395-A1: Novel sulfonyldiazomethane compounds, photoacid generator, resist materials and patterning process using the same patent, US-2005056810-A1: Polishing composition for semiconductor wafers patent, US-2005065225-A1: Polyurethane foam and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2005077734-A1: Truck lid latch assembly of a vehicle patent, US-2005110988-A1: Method and apparatus for inspecting defects of patterns patent, US-2005115797-A1: Method for operating a vertical accumulating conveyor system patent, US-2005121016-A1: Automatic ball throwing device, directing device therefor and method of making an automatic ball throwing device patent, US-2005141945-A1: Separable cutting mechanism for printer patent, US-2005149789-A1: Pseudo random verification of waveform fault coverage patent, US-2005168051-A1: Rotating hubcap patent, US-2005201030-A1: Protection circuit for dual voltage electrical distribution system patent, US-2005213305-A1: Integrated internal power supply patent, US-2005224285-A1: JarCar Ladder patent, US-2005251904-A1: Flushing device comprising a pressurized chamber and evacuation fitting forsaid flushing device patent, US-2005257621-A1: Pressure and vibration sensing apparatus patent, US-2005274596-A1: High durability touch panel patent, US-2005276631-A1: Process cartridge with component geometry suitable for recycle of same patent, US-2005283514-A1: Method and apparatus for calculating a modular inverse patent, US-2006003112-A1: Fusible reactive media comprising mordant patent, US-2006003847-A1: Coupling capable of accommodating large angular and axial displacements patent, US-2006013740-A1: Blood testing apparatus patent, US-2006028835-A1: Transflective display patent, US-2006029333-A1: Dual-use coaxial optical fiber connector patent, US-2006039549-A1: Automatic phone dialer with heuristic algorithm patent, US-2006041826-A1: Methods and apparatus for error correction of transparent GFP (generic framing procedure) superblocks patent, US-2006042398-A1: Strain-measuring device patent, US-2006053578-A1: Joint member for wiper blade, and wiper blade patent, US-2006059952-A1: Mould support system with associated cooling device for a hollow glassware forming machine patent, US-2006075528-P1: Peach tree named 'kay rich' patent, US-2006099531-A1: Derivatized polyhydroxystyrenes (DPHS) with a novolak type structure and blocked DPHS (BDPHS) and processes for preparing the same patent, US-2006101605-A1: Vacuum cleaner patent, US-2006104244-A1: IP terminal apparatus and IP communication method patent, US-2006125233-A1: Conduit assembly patent, US-2006133294-A1: Apparatus and method for measuring capacity of server patent, US-2006164656-A1: Method and system for measuring overcoat layer thickness on a thin film disk patent, US-2006179692-A1: Pressing iron patent, US-2006195351-A1: Internet-based system and method for leasing rental property to a prospective tenant based on criminal history patent, US-2006202695-A1: Apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging patent, US-2006212373-A1: Method of providing financial accounting compliance patent, US-2006238070-A1: Electronic circuit comprising embedded piezoelectric transformer patent, US-2006262206-A1: Noise reduction method patent, US-2006268205-A1: Color filter substrate having a panel identification and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2006288923-A1: Multi-person racing canoe patent, US-2007012790-A1: Memory device patent, US-2007024998-A1: System and method for inspecting a workpiece surface by analyzing scattered light in a front quartersphere region above the workpiece patent, US-2007036566-A1: Image forming apparatus and toner concentration controlling method patent, US-2007085422-A1: Bidirectional DC/AC inverter patent, US-2007119521-A1: High strength steel excellent in uniform elongation properties and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2007147972-A1: Device for interrupting selectively a rotary translational movement patent, US-2007164706-A1: Controller built in electrical tool powered by Li-battery patent, US-2007165023-A1: Image display with radiator patent, US-2007177932-A1: Record of incident patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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